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What We Teach...Believe

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What We Teach...Believe

When it comes to self-defense we believe:

1) Avoidance is best. If at all possible it is important to recognize the fight has begun sooner than later. What we mean by that is that fights always start long before the first push, punch, or grab happen. For example, in a road rage situation, the fight starts the moment someone is cut off and become angry. Recognizing that makes it possible to begin de-escalation before the other driver becomes totally inflamed and starts following you, attempts to cut you off to get you stopped, or actually gets you pulled out of your vehicle and the physical altercation begins. Being able to see trouble coming can help us avoid and de-escalate.

2) Use your voice. Your voice is an amazing tool. You can use it to warn, talk someone down, create calm in a tense situation. If it is misused it can create havoc, tension, and ramp things up. Knowing how and when to use your voice is something that we work on regularly with our kid's classes. We want our students to know how and when to use their voice and when not to. 

3) If you have to get physical. Hit soft targets, Hit hard, Strike fast, and end the fight quickly. If we can avoid a physical situation that is best. However, there are times when certain people just won't let it go. In those instances, we want to use our weapons against soft targets like the neck, groin, nose, etc. We want to hit hard and striking quickly in an attempt to end the physical quickly. The goal is to discourage further escalation and put a stop to the attack. 

At North Valley Martial Arts we teach Kempo Jiu-Jitsu. A combination of Kicks, Hand Strikes, Throws, and Grappling. It is a traditional system of martial arts with a STRONG blend of practical application. The reason for this is that traditional martial arts uses both forms or kata and to bring about the right discipline, focus, timing, and accuracy. It is one thing to be able to recite a Kata properly and another to be able to use the things taught in Kata to defend oneself. Both are important and require the student to learn to think through what they are doing and apply it.

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