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We all make them, we cringe when we notice them, we strive hard to avoid them but, mistakes are our greatest teacher.  I am often keenly aware when I  do something wrong or when I misspeak or make a mistake. I do my best  avoid them and put them off to the side hoping to forget them. But, they never just go away. They always linger waiting to be acknowledged, admitted, and remedied. Sometimes the lessons that come with them are difficult, cost money or cause problems in relationships.  I think the aforementioned quote makes a lot of sense. 

Our mistakes are forgivable if we have the courage and resolve to admit them. Sometimes when students or parents walk into the studio and I forget to greet them. There are many reasons and this might seem like a small thing but I always try to give every person my best. I strive to give my customers great service. When I don't give them the service they deserve and I desire I am totally aware of that mistake. During workouts, it is easy to find the error of your ways. It is easy to see your mistakes during martial arts training because it usually comes along with getting hit. When you get hit you learn from it and do better to not get hit the next time. I was always told that when you get hit, it is your fault. There is no one else to blame or pass it off to. It is your fault, you have to own it and work harder to not get hit again.

The same is true in life. When you get hit it is your fault, there is no one else to blame. You have to take it, own it, and move on from it.

I am able to say these things now because life has hit me many times lately. I know there are reasons and lessons to be learned. Therefore, I strive to be better than I was yesterday. That is the martial arts mindset. Own your mistakes.

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