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Pride and Martial Arts

Pride and Martial Arts

In our agreement for service, at the bottom, in a short but concise sentence, there is written "I have the right to dismiss any student for misconduct or behavior that reflects poorly on the studio." I always tell people that I usually do not have that problem with children and only once with a woman. It is usually men in their 30's or 40's that I have had to ask to leave the dojo. The problem is pride and arrogance. The solution is humility and respect. Martial arts requires a healthy respect for the instructor, the dojo, ourselves, and other people. I have found that when we do not have the required respect we become reckless and careless with the things we are learning. 

Some of the things we learn in the dojo can be dangerous and cause injury. Those things should not be misused at any time and they should only be used for good. We should use our martial arts to serve others and ourselves in a positive way.



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