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Strong Children, Broken Men

Strong Children, Broken Men

I find things all over the internet that I like or identify with regularly. Today I found a couple of quotes. One was from someone I follow on Twitter and the other by this gentleman, Fredrick Douglas. The first quote "I think we can conclude the “time out” generation didn’t produce as good of citizens as the “ass beating” generation" makes a point about discipline or the lack thereof. I would not agree with ass beating or any type of abuse toward my children. I would agree that a spanking is in order in certain situations. I know many disagree. That is ok. Honestly, I have not had to spank either of my children since they were very young. When I did a few times the spanking produced results. The spanking provided the necessary consequence to bring about the desired result, obedience.

Right now there are thousands of young people tearing our nations apart. Many of them have never had to suffer the consequences of their actions. They have always gotten their way. They were always consulted by their parents for permission to do anything. Instead of a spanking for being disrespectful or talking back, they had to sit out for a few minutes. They are often never made to acknowledge their mistakes and pushed to change course. Guess where those people who have been tearing our country apart are now? Many of them are in jail. Jail and prison are going to be a rude awakening for these entitled young men and women. Like it or not prison has a code that everyone has to live by. These young people are going to be broken, wounded, and scarred when they are released. They will have seen and been part of things that the news media will never tell anyone about.

They will be hard to repair. It will be harder for them to get jobs, go to school, rent an apartment. The damage has been done. Much of it could have been avoided. They needed discipline, they needed a spanking, they needed tough love.


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