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Kid's Need This

Kid's Need This

Of course whenever I am blurbing about what I do or how I do it. It is with reference to Karate, Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and other related topics. I know the benefits of training in those areas. I know from personal experience how Martial Arts has changed my life. I also am able to look back on my time playing soccer, baseball, and football and I can see how my coaches have influenced my life. I can especially see how my football coaches impacted my work ethic, toughness, and drive to succeed. Those men were hard on me, they said things to me that no one else was saying at the time and they pushed me constantly to improve. 

I remember being a big kid so I played offensive and defensive line. In my first year of football, I didn't know anything. I ran around lost most of the time. I was a third-string player who only played in blowouts. I had great coaches and by the time I reached my second year, I never came off the field. I played all special teams, offense, and defense. That translates to now.

I started training martial arts in my 30's. I was a truck driver before I started teaching martial arts. I have come a long way from those days. There have been so many times when I considered throwing in the towel and giving up. My training has kept me going. My training has kept me passionate about what I do. My coaches' words running through my head constantly keep me pressing forward. They instilled something in me that I needed at the time. I still need it. I want to share it with others. I want kids to know that they can. My third-grade teacher, Mr. Carbajal told my mother once that I was bright and that I could be anything I wanted in life if I did the work. 

My coaches showed me and taught me how to do the work.

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