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Dear Parents,

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Dear Parents,


I was scrolling through Twitter today and found this tweet. 

"America has become that household where the parents never said “No” and instead gave their kids everything they wanted and now those kids are teenagers who hate their parents and scream at them in public." In the last three days, I have had several parents request information about our classes and services. I do my thing and reach out to them and their response is, " I asked my son/daughter and they said NO." As a parent, this is heartbreaking to watch. I have witnessed first hand the consequences of allowing your children to do whatever they want. As a parent, I want the best things for my son and daughter. They should do what I ask them to do. They should learn the things I want them to know. They should honor and respect me as a parent/authority figure in their lives. As they grow older they should be able to have some input into the decision making process. But, that is earned by demonstrating good decision making when they are younger. Both of my children are black belts and it wasn't easy for them and it took them both longer to achieve than other students. Both of my kids wanted to quit, didn't want to go, fought mom and dad, and pleaded with us to quit. My answer was NO!

I said NO because I know the value of martial arts and the things it teaches. I have experienced first hand the changes in my own life because of the arts. I wanted my children to have those things. I wanted them to understand the importance of commitment, focus, discipline, and especially respect.

What we are seeing now in society is a reflection of poor parenting choices. It is the consequence of asking our kids for permission to take them to karate or sign them up for football. What we are seeing the result of spoiling our kids. Watch the videos all over the internet. #BLM looks like a bunch of spoiled brats having a tantrum in public. Parent, please say NO, set boundaries, have your kids do chores. I'm not a perfect parent.

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