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Teaching Kids Commitment

Teaching Kids Commitment

Commitment is an act. It is an action or something that we do. Commitment is the lifeblood of just about everything we do or don't do. Without commitment, we don't get up for work in the morning, exercise, take care of ourselves or others, and a whole list of other things that happen in our lives. Commitment is learned. Commitment is something that we need to teach our children. 

Parents, we teach our children commitment by being committed to things for them. When they are busy swimming before it is time to get up and get ready for Karate class it is our job to let them know it is time to go. When they are busy playing video games or goofing around on their phone or tablet we need to let them know it is time to change course. When they want to quit that thing that is helping instill respect, focus, and discipline in them it is our responsibility to keep them committed to the thing they are doing. Obviously, I write this from a martial arts/Karate perspective. I have been practicing martial arts and teaching for almost 20 years. Prior to starting my journey in the martial arts, had never been committed to anything for more than four or five years. I learned commitment to a career, others, and self through practice.

It hasn't been easy and it still isn't easy getting up every day and dealing with all that the day brings. The thing I have going for me is my dedication and commitment to everything I do. There are days that I want to give up and quit but after almost 20 years of being involved in martial arts quitting isn't an option. I hope that what I am saying makes a bit of sense.

Parents we are the commitment for our children. It is work. It isn't always easy. They aren't always going to have a desire to do what is best for them. Our kids are going to fight us and argue and push back against things. Hold the line, stand fast and be the commitment for your children.





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