Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

Read the article and watch the video. I don't post this to instill fear or panic in people. I post this in the hope of helping people see the need for some self-defense skills. Self-defense tools are great! A firearm, knife, kubaton, pepper spray are all great tools. However, the reality is that your attacker will take advantage of a situation in which you are not paying attention or are distracted. In that situation, you may not have time to deploy one of the tools mentioned above. You may need to find a way to create space, you will need the skills to fight off an initial attack. Everyone should have some empty hand skills. We all should know how to strike and hit soft targets, we should know what those targets are and we need a plan! 

If you have not considered what you will do before you have to do it you will not do it. If you have watched the recent protests you know that protesters have stopped several vehicles on the highways or freeways in our nation. Once they have someone stopped they pull them out of their vehicle and beat them up, stomp them and kill them in some cases. What would you do? How do you handle that? What if your family is in the car? Does your life matter too? You must think about what you will do in situations before those happen and hopefully they never do. Again I am not trying to instill fear or panic but rather I want to raise awareness. I want people to be prepared for WHAT IF? Please hear that again. Have a plan, be prepared, get some training!!


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