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Why Private Instruction?

Why Private Instruction?

I have been teaching and training martial arts for almost 18 years now. I have participated in group classes, seminars, and private instruction. Personally, I believe that private or semi-private instruction is the way to go when it comes to learning. 

The private lesson allows the student to gain knowledge and understanding of a subject at a pace that benefits the student. Private instruction allows the instructor to adjust on the fly which enables the teacher to correct problems, work on areas of weakness, and build on strengths. Private and semi-private instruction in martial arts allows students to ask questions and practice techniques repetitiously without turning the focus of an entire class. Semi-private and private instruction allows me as an instructor to encourage struggling students, to push students who need it but don't respond well to that push in a group setting, and it helps develop a relationship between myself and the student. When teaching people trust can be a huge thing. Building that trust takes time and effort. It is often easier for the student to express their struggles when the setting isn't as crowded.

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