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Why Kata?

Why Kata?

Why Kata? For a time, the last ten years or so, I believed that doing Kata was of no value. I have come back around to believing that Kata is important but that took me almost a decade of exploring, studying, and working at understanding what I know. During those dark years, I thought Kata was a waste of time and energy. I especially didn't have a desire to spend hours and hours on perfecting movement in class and private lessons. Part of the problem was boredom and part stupidity on my part. I still worked on some of the basic forms in my system but I disregarded many of the more advanced forms. I really just did not know what I did not know. As I have come back around to training and working on my Kempo again I have found that Kata is important and that the movements taught are really the foundation of all martial arts.

I always knew that Kata was valuable in some way. When you really start to unpack the Katas what you find is a solid foundation. First, kata is a great way to practice your martial arts when you have no training partner. Kata teaches footwork, timing, helps to understand distance and gauging, see targets, helps focus breathing, and develops discipline in the student. Second, practicing Kata is a great workout. It develops the body and mind. Spending 15 minutes practicing Kata is a full-body workout, especially if you put the energy into making it a workout. Third, practicing Kata is a way of working on basics. Basics are blocks, punches, and kicks also known as striking. Finally, hidden within each Kata are the fighting moves and techniques that we all practice as martial artists. Sometimes they are called techniques, defensive maneuvers, or combinations. They are the series of blocks, strikes, kicks, knees, and elbows that we use in sparring, self-defense, or fighting. 

Practicing our Kata is a great way to improve our skills and abilities. They are a great workout when practiced properly and they are the foundation of much of what we know about Martial Arts.

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