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Work Ethic

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Work Ethic

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8c6j-LS-ZI Rudy Clip!

Effort: strenuous physical or mental exertion. Rudy is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I identify with that movie, I identify with the main character in that movie. I remember playing pop warner football as a 12-year-old boy. Practices had already started when my mom took me down to the high school where they held practices and sign me up for the team. I had missed the first several weeks. I knew nothing about football but I wanted to play. I was a third-string offensive/defensive lineman. I rarely got to play in games and would only get sent in when we were winning by a large margin. I really only remember the practices and how hard they were for me. I wasn't the biggest, strongest, or the fastest kid on the team. I worked my behind off three nights a week for two hours. By the end of the season, I won the most improved player award and had made it to the second string. Fast forward to my second year and I never left the field during games. I was on offense, defense, ever special team. I just made weight for my first game but stayed on the field for the entire game and ended up losing 8 lbs during that game.

My success during that time wasn't because I was a great athlete but because of a work ethic that developed during my first year of playing football. I remember my coaches yelling at me to run faster, go harder, and keep working hard. During 40-yard wind sprints at the end of practices my coach would yell at me not to be the last lineman down the field. That time in my life shaped who I am today. Those coaches wanted me to succeed, they wanted me to do well, I think they wanted us to win through all of the hard work they made us do. Martial arts has solidified that hard work, work ethic all the time mindset for me.

It is not easy to always give 100% during workouts. When your mind is screaming STOP! When your body doesn't want to throw another punch, knee, kick, or elbow. When you want to quit but keep on going that is work ethic or EFFORT. The same is true in life. It is not always easy to give 100%. Smiling in the middle of adversity, staying another hour when you want to go home, working when you get home because there is paperwork to do, answering the phone for a prospective client during off or downtime, and sometimes knowing when it is wise to set boundaries and keep them. Martial arts help instill the value of hard work, EFFORT, and learning to give your best are developed over time. We teach EFFORT!

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A long time mentor and friend of mine always says "If you do what you have always done(nothing), you will get nothing in return." "Do Something."


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