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It is too easy to look at everything going on around us and complain. When we look at how successful other people are compared to us, when we see our friends driving a nicer car than we do, when we check out the bank account and find it low, when we log into Facebook and see how great everyone else is doing it is easy to become unhappy and find a reason to complain. 

June is a new month and a chance to begin fresh. For the month of June, I am going to practice living out the quote above. I am going to "REJOICE ALWAYS" finding the things in each day that get me excited and bring joy to my life. I am going to "PRAY CONTINUALLY" reminding myself to converse with God. I am going to spend my time talking to Him. Last, I am going to "GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES" because that is how I am supposed to behave as a believer. 

I see problems all around me right now. Instead of complaining, I am going to be grateful and thankful and take the opportunity to learn new things, grow in new ways, and find the good in every situation. This approach may not be for everyone. It is for me. #onemonth #gratitude #grateful #nocomplaints

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