Self Defense

Self Defense

There is so much good information in this article. I think there are several great takeaways here. The first is to be aware of your surroundings. Know who is around you and where they are in relation to you. Make note of what they are wearing, how tall or short, eye color etc. Do it when you meet people. Do it when you are walking down the street, out on the town, or out shopping. I think one that was missed in the article is STAY OFF YOUR PHONE! When you are walking through parking lots or in a store Stay Off Your Phone. Pay attention to your surroundings. Know what is going on around you.

A second key takeaway is getting some training. You may own a firearm and train with it regularly. However, A firearm is not for every situation and there are going to be times when having some empty hand skills will come in handy. If an attacker has already closed the distance and they are right in front of you. In order to make use of any self-defense tools, you could need time and space to deploy those tools. Mace, Pepper Spray, knives, firearms don't operate on there own. If you use them in a tight space or with an attacker close to you, you may find yourself suffering the effects of those tools yourself. Learning to fight back can be key to surviving an attack or being able to use any tools you may have on your person. I really can't stress it enough. Add some fighting skills to your tool box!

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