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Let Your Boys Run

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Let Your Boys Run

I can't say it enough, Let Your Boys Run. They need it, they want it and it is good for them. Boys aren't meant to sit still and be quiet. Although, there is a time and place for still and quiet. Boys need to adventure, climb, fidget, laugh, poke, investigate, and wrestle. We need to fall, fail, get hurt, shed a little blood, and feel hurt. These are good and necessary for boys, young men, and men. These things help them burn off the incredible amounts of energy they have and they help them develop into better young men and adults. I know that some of this is not popular in certain contexts but these things and more are necessary. Boys also need to learn to compete with other boys and young men with young men. 

This competition helps develop the drive to be successful later on in life. When I was a boy and young man my friends and I did things together. Some were better at certain things than others but the rest of us would try to follow. We had some large mountains behind our neighborhood and we would ride our bikes all over those mountains. I remember watching friends ride down some of those with no breaks and then challenge me to the same. Sometimes they would ride down drop-offs or jump off of things. Many times try and I would crash at the end of my efforts and it hurt. But, it only hurt for a minute. I got better at doing those things because I kept trying until I got it. 

The celebrity coach Tony Robins talks about learning to walk. How many times do we allow our kids to fall down before we tell them to stop trying to walk? I hope you see the point. We let them fall down and get up again over and over and over until they learn to walk. Running is the same. Boys run to let off energy, we need that. Boys run to learn to fall down and get back up and keep running. Boys run to learn to compete with other boys. We learn to both win and lose when we are running. The benefits of letting our boys run are immense and far greater than we will ever comprehend. 

Let your boys and girls run, let them fall, let them get a bump or bruise, let them learn and grow.

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