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  • Parent Power

    Parent Power

    Parents you have the power. It is your choice, your decision what your children do, where they spend their time and focus their energy. When both of my kids were young I made the decision to sign them up for martial arts classes. I knew that it would be good for them. They would learn the value of hard work, treating others with respect, how to be disciplined, what honesty is, and how to be loyal to themselves, friends, and family. Those are big lessons! Valuable lessons! Having another voice in the mix that is reinforcing what you as parents are teaching at home is huge. It is even bigger to have someone encouraging you to push, challenge or drag your kids across the finish line. The ....

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  • If Your Are Reading This You Should Be Hitting Stuff With Us....

    If Your Are Reading This You Should Be Hitting Stuff With Us....

    I haven't written anything for some time now. I saw an InstaGram post by my friend and Martial Arts instructor down at Gilbert Defense Arts. "If you are reading this you should be hitting stuff with us." It is funny with a whole lot of truth associated with it. Learning to hit focus mitts, kick shields, Thai pads and tombstones is a great way to gain skill and ability in self-defense. Becoming familiar with what it feels like to make solid contact, toughening the hands, feet, knees, and elbows in case you need them, and understanding the mechanics behind a strike is so important. Learning to use the body to generate power and focusing on hitting targets are really important in a ....

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  • Humility Is A Key To Success

    Humility Is A Key To Success

    When it comes to martial arts training remaining humble is a key to success. I find myself bothered more and more lately when I hear a martial artist bash another style, system, or technique as ineffective and not working. What I know is that if I am unable to make something work or understand what it should do for me in a self-defense situation, that I don't know what I don't know. Most of the time it is user error that causes students to proclaim that such and such doesn't work, won't work, can't work, or will never work. The truth is that we need to remember that it is possible that things work and we just have not figured out how. If that is the case we need to stop thinking we know ....

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  • Would You Know What To Do In a Situation Like This?

    Would You Know What To Do In a Situation Like This?

    https://slate.com/human-interest/2015/07/i-was-attacked-on-the-d-c-metro-no-one-helped-me.html?fbclid=IwAR1FUBiHsBVk4YBHoulZm0XMtQKeMPOk1NA3VlulCPWphtV_463Nevq6X04 I believe that many do not stand up to bullying and violence because they don't know what to do or how to do it. Developing the skills to handle such situations takes time, practice, and some hard work. It is not just the physical skills but verbals skills and the self-defense tools to make it all happen. One must also be willing to make the necessary sacrifice to get the job done. This is a very tough situation but it is not hopeless. Learn to stand up and fight back. Call or Text:480-508-2244 for more information ....

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  • I Can...

    I Can...

    I have had my own up and down battles with mindset and believing that I am capable of doing certain things. I have often held myself back and believed negative self-talk. Thinking I am unable when the opposite is totally true. The truth is that I am capable and that I am able to accomplish my goals. It has been interesting to watch what happens when my mindset changes. My goals are within reach! After months and years of thinking that they were so far away and allowing myself to stagnate in fear and worry. The things I hoped for and even once accomplished are back in reach. I used to dread putting new students in my contacts and on the roster. I should not have but I dreaded looking at ....

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  • What We Teach...Believe

    What We Teach...Believe

    When it comes to self-defense we believe: 1) Avoidance is best. If at all possible it is important to recognize the fight has begun sooner than later. What we mean by that is that fights always start long before the first push, punch, or grab happen. For example, in a road rage situation, the fight starts the moment someone is cut off and become angry. Recognizing that makes it possible to begin de-escalation before the other driver becomes totally inflamed and starts following you, attempts to cut you off to get you stopped, or actually gets you pulled out of your vehicle and the physical altercation begins. Being able to see trouble coming can help us avoid and de-escalate. 2) ....

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  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Are you looking for a sport that can save your life? Kempo is the answer! Do you want your kids to have more focus, discipline, treat you and others with respect? Kempo is the answer! Are you looking for something to help you get in shape? Kempo is the answer! Are you looking for a way to relieve stress? Kempo is the answer! Are you looking for a place that it doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, black, white? Kempo!! Check out North Valley Martial Arts! First Month $47.00 https://kempostrong.com/blog/117481/1-Month-Trial ....

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  • Voice


    Most of us have one. Sometimes we use it and sometimes we don't. I always ask my students to practice using their voices. I believe this is an important thing to practice since it is our second-best weapon in any self-defense encounter. Learning to use your voice effectively can save your life, it can de-escalate conflict, and potentially keep an attacker at bay. When I am working with kids I always try to get them to advocate for themselves. As parents, we are not able to be there for our children throughout their day. As a former teacher and veteran playground/recess monitor, I know that kids have conflicts. Conflicts can be large or small. My first question was always "well did you ....

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  • Parents


    I will preface this blurb by saying that I am no all-star, know it all guru, magnificent parent. I screw up, make mistakes, and blow it. I do, however, strive to be better. I work hard at what I do. For some time now, five years to be exact, I have been on a mission to influence culture and society. My eyes opened when I was hired as a martial arts teacher at a local charter school. The students were great and I enjoyed working with all of them more than they know. Early on in my tenure as an instructor, I recognized a couple of problems. One, we don't teach basic interaction. I think we teach the opposite and stifle good interaction in students. We no longer teach students to use ....

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  • Mistakes


    We all make them, we cringe when we notice them, we strive hard to avoid them but, mistakes are our greatest teacher. I am often keenly aware when I do something wrong or when I misspeak or make a mistake. I do my best avoid them and put them off to the side hoping to forget them. But, they never just go away. They always linger waiting to be acknowledged, admitted, and remedied. Sometimes the lessons that come with them are difficult, cost money or cause problems in relationships. I think the aforementioned quote makes a lot of sense. Our mistakes are forgivable if we have the courage and resolve to admit them. Sometimes when students or parents walk into the studio and I forget to ....

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