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  • Strong Children, Broken Men

    Strong Children, Broken Men

    I find things all over the internet that I like or identify with regularly. Today I found a couple of quotes. One was from someone I follow on Twitter and the other by this gentleman, Fredrick Douglas. The first quote " I think we can conclude the “time out” generation didn’t produce as good of citizens as the “ass beating” generation" makes a point about discipline or the lack thereof. I would not agree with ass beating or any type of abuse toward my children. I would agree that a spanking is in order in certain situations. I know many disagree. That is ok. Honestly, I have not had to spank either of my children since they were very young. When I did a few ....

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  • Kid's Need This

    Kid's Need This

    Of course whenever I am blurbing about what I do or how I do it. It is with reference to Karate, Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and other related topics. I know the benefits of training in those areas. I know from personal experience how Martial Arts has changed my life. I also am able to look back on my time playing soccer, baseball, and football and I can see how my coaches have influenced my life. I can especially see how my football coaches impacted my work ethic, toughness, and drive to succeed. Those men were hard on me, they said things to me that no one else was saying at the time and they pushed me constantly to improve. I remember being a big kid so I played offensive and ....

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  • Dear Parents,

    Dear Parents, I was scrolling through Twitter today and found this tweet. "America has become that household where the parents never said “No” and instead gave their kids everything they wanted and now those kids are teenagers who hate their parents and scream at them in public." In the last three days, I have had several parents request information about our classes and services. I do my thing and reach out to them and their response is, " I asked my son/daughter and they said NO." As a parent, this is heartbreaking to watch. I have witnessed first hand the consequences of allowing your children to do whatever they ....

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  • Teaching Kids Commitment

    Teaching Kids Commitment

    Commitment is an act. It is an action or something that we do. Commitment is the lifeblood of just about everything we do or don't do. Without commitment, we don't get up for work in the morning, exercise, take care of ourselves or others, and a whole list of other things that happen in our lives. Commitment is learned. Commitment is something that we need to teach our children. Parents, we teach our children commitment by being committed to things for them. When they are busy swimming before it is time to get up and get ready for Karate class it is our job to let them know it is time to go. When they are busy playing video games or goofing around on their phone or tablet we need to let ....

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  • Be Prepared!

    Be Prepared!
    Read the article and watch the video. I don't post this to instill fear or panic in people. I post this in the hope of helping people see the need for some self-defense skills. Self-defense tools are great! A firearm, knife, kubaton, pepper spray are all great tools. However, the reality is that your attacker will take advantage of a situation in which you are not paying attention or are distracted. In that situation, you may not have time to deploy one of the tools mentioned above. You may need to find a way to create space, you will need the skills to fight off an initial attack. Everyone should have some empty hand skills. We all should know how to ....

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  • Self Defense

    Have you considered the idea that one day you may have to defend yourself? With everything going on in the world around us having some skills to deal with various situations is important. There are literally hundreds of scenarios where we might find ourselves in danger. With the current conflicts happening in major cities and the calls for "defunding the police" and violent nature of certain actors learning to defend oneself from anger, violence, and assaults of all kinds has never been more important. I can give you several scenarios that have happened recently. One, a violent and angry group of people surround your vehicle as you are driving down the highway. Perhaps you bump one of ....

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  • Why Private Instruction?

    Why Private Instruction?

    I have been teaching and training martial arts for almost 18 years now. I have participated in group classes, seminars, and private instruction. Personally, I believe that private or semi-private instruction is the way to go when it comes to learning. The private lesson allows the student to gain knowledge and understanding of a subject at a pace that benefits the student. Private instruction allows the instructor to adjust on the fly which enables the teacher to correct problems, work on areas of weakness, and build on strengths. Private and semi-private instruction in martial arts allows students to ask questions and practice techniques repetitiously without turning the focus of an ....

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  • Martial arts strengthen the body

    Martial arts strengthen the body,rather%20than%20increased%20muscular%20strength. Martial arts are great for both the mind and body. It can help build better coordination, focus, and teaches the student to process information more effectively. Check out the article linked above for more information. ....

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  • Why Kata?

    Why Kata?

    Why Kata? For a time, the last ten years or so, I believed that doing Kata was of no value. I have come back around to believing that Kata is important but that took me almost a decade of exploring, studying, and working at understanding what I know. During those dark years, I thought Kata was a waste of time and energy. I especially didn't have a desire to spend hours and hours on perfecting movement in class and private lessons. Part of the problem was boredom and part stupidity on my part. I still worked on some of the basic forms in my system but I disregarded many of the more advanced forms. I really just did not know what I did not know. As I have come back around to training and ....

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  • Work Ethic

    Work Ethic Rudy Clip! Effort: strenuous physical or mental exertion. Rudy is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. I identify with that movie, I identify with the main character in that movie. I remember playing pop warner football as a 12-year-old boy. Practices had already started when my mom took me down to the high school where they held practices and sign me up for the team. I had missed the first several weeks. I knew nothing about football but I wanted to play. I was a third-string offensive/defensive lineman. I rarely got to play in games and would only get sent in when we were winning by a large margin. I really only remember the ....

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