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  • Gratitude


    It is too easy to look at everything going on around us and complain. When we look at how successful other people are compared to us, when we see our friends driving a nicer car than we do, when we check out the bank account and find it low, when we log into Facebook and see how great everyone else is doing it is easy to become unhappy and find a reason to complain. June is a new month and a chance to begin fresh. For the month of June, I am going to practice living out the quote above. I am going to "REJOICE ALWAYS" finding the things in each day that get me excited and bring joy to my life. I am going to "PRAY CONTINUALLY" reminding myself to converse with God. I am going to spend my ....

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  • Self Defense

    Self Defense There is so much good information in this article. I think there are several great takeaways here. The first is to be aware of your surroundings. Know who is around you and where they are in relation to you. Make note of what they are wearing, how tall or short, eye color etc. Do it when you meet people. Do it when you are walking down the street, out on the town, or out shopping. I think one that was missed in the article is STAY OFF YOUR PHONE! When you are walking through parking lots or in a store Stay Off Your Phone. Pay attention to your surroundings. Know what is going on around you. A second key takeaway ....

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  • What Do We Teach? Social Skills

    What Do We Teach? Social Skills

    One of the most important aspects of what is taught and encouraged at the dojo is social skills. A couple of quick questions. Does your son or daughter shy away from other adults? Are they afraid to ask for help or ask questions? Do they make eye contact when they speak to others? Do they know how to properly introduce themselves to people? Do they shake hands? Do they greet people when they walk into a room? I think those things are so important in life. I know I have struggled with these things. I was never taught to do them and in some cases was discouraged from doing them. The dojo is a safe place for practicing these things. I encourage all of our students to greet classmates and ....

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  • Happy Memorial Day!

    We at North Valley Martial Arts are thankful and grateful to those who have served. Your bravery and sacrifice make it possible to live freely, enjoy liberty, and celebrate our way of life. Thank you!! ....

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  • Do You Have a Plan?

    Do You Have a Plan?

    This is not a topic I like to cover. The reason I don't like talking about it all that much is that I don't consider myself to be an expert on the subject. The reason I am addressing it today is that we had an active shooter here in Arizona last night. See this article there was also another in Texas this morning . They happen and rather than walk around in fear I believe we should all be more aware, more prepared by having a plan. I post an image above which I think is a good plan but it is not great. It is lacking. ....

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  • Let Your Boys Run

    Let Your Boys Run

    I can't say it enough, Let Your Boys Run. They need it, they want it and it is good for them. Boys aren't meant to sit still and be quiet. Although, there is a time and place for still and quiet. Boys need to adventure, climb, fidget, laugh, poke, investigate, and wrestle. We need to fall, fail, get hurt, shed a little blood, and feel hurt. These are good and necessary for boys, young men, and men. These things help them burn off the incredible amounts of energy they have and they help them develop into better young men and adults. I know that some of this is not popular in certain contexts but these things and more are necessary. Boys also need to learn to compete with other boys and ....

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  • Get Moving! Encouraging Physical activity is important. I will share a bit about myself here. Back before the turn of the century, not 1900 but 2000, I was very active all the time. I worked for Nike and I found myself always doing something outdoors. I played basketball 3-4 days a week, I golfed, rode a mountain bike regularly, hiked, and played paintball. It was a good time, however, my time at Nike came to an end and I found myself sitting around not doing nearly as much for about two years. I have always enjoyed food and that enjoyment of tasty foods led to a diagnosis of diabetes. It happens. Back to moving. Some time ....

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  • I Decided To...

    I Decided To...

    I have recently been considering returning to my martial arts roots. After a decade of exploring other martial arts via videos, lessons, classes, and other means I decided to return to the foundation or roots of my martial arts training, Kempo. I have explored Krav Maga, BJJ, and continue to train and glean insight from Kada Anan DeCuerdas Eskrima. As I trained those things I found that Martial Arts are all really the same and for those who would disagree, they are very similar. As I trained in other styles and systems I would look at the movements and find where I had already learned those things in Kempo. The more I looked at other systems or styles the more I found that things are the ....

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  • What Do We Teach: Respect

    What Do We Teach: Respect

    : The first thing you learn in Karate is the "Bow." In Martial Arts, the bow is a sign of respect. Respect means saying "please and thank you," honoring a friend, helping out at home without your parents asking you to do so, looking at your parents and teachers in the eyes, telling your parents that you love them and following the rules. To respect others, you must first understand what it is. In short, respect is showing positive feelings and attitudes towards yourself and others, and always taking others into consideration. There is a deep sense of this for everyone in a martial arts program. In martial arts, teaching respect is one of the core tenets all students must ....

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