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Fight back Second Saturday Self Defense Class Flyer

Second Saturday Self Defense

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Second Saturday Self Defense is our monthly Womens self defense class. This class is devoted to covering the basics of self defense: Awareness, Avoidance, Communicating, striking, footwork, groundwork and other topics related to self defense. 

Our goal is to get you home to your family and friends safe.  No one should be a victim of abuse, violence or bullies. Fact: no person wakes up in the morning thinking they will be a victim or suffer violence on their person that day. The reality is that violence and abuse go on.

Just do the class...hitting things is fun!!

We also work with non profit organizations, businesses and other groups. 

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The cost for this class is $20.00 but, if you bring a friend the cost is half $10.00 per. Bring more than one friend have them pay and you show up free.