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North Valley Martial Arts began in 2006 with several friends and training partners working out in a park. Our workouts got bigger and eventually we found a space to rent in the Scottsdale Airpark. This has given us an amazing opportunity to serve and empower our community through teaching martial arts.

We like to keep it simple: Great workouts with great people. We like to train hard and have fun while we do it. When you leave one of our workouts you will be a better martial artist and better person than when you started.

We are very excited that you are interested in starting your martial arts journey with us! There are so many lessons to be learned by training in the martial arts we looking forward to sharing the journey with everyone from around Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe.

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FREE / 1 Class

I have been taking advantage of the adult fitness class, which includes a self-defense component, for about 3 years. I love that the workouts are created to meet any fitness level and help each person to attain his/her personal goals in an energetic, judgement-free environment. Starting something new is never easy, though it didn't take long for me start seeing and feeling the benefits of my effort - I'm very happy I made the commitment to myself with this Dojo and highly recommend checking it out!

Jenny Dreckmann

I am biased because I assist classes there but I believe full heartedly in what they do.
Teaching kids responsibility effort etiquette self control sincerity is important.

Daniel Evan Struble

We did try another Dojo in the area but they were about cramming as many students in as possible and were about selling products. Strong Tiger Kempo isn't like that at all.

We have been going here for over 2 years and my son loves it. My son is on the Autism Spectrum with Pervasive Development Disorder. Basically his a genius but not athletically inclined. The Sensei, James, has taken the time to work with my son and we have seen him blossom into an amazing student. He has moved up in rank 3 time so far. He doesn't progress as fast as the other students but that's okay. James sets the standard of what is expected and sticks to it. James instills confidence and accountability for all the students. My son attends class twice a week and gets a 30 minute private lesson before class 1 day a week. Prices are very reasonable.

Stuart S.

We started taking my boyfriend's son here about 6 months ago, and it has been wonderful for him. Both instructors are great and have been very accommodating with our schedule (shared custody). It has really helped with his self-confidence and being able to control his emotions a little better. Sensei James is very invested in the students and is very supportive to ensure everyone is successful. I am so glad we found this dojo.

Emily O.

Strong Tiger Kempo uses a unique approach to core strength, agility, self defense and fitness training. I've been working out with James for 3 years and the results have been fantastic. Multiple time slots available Monday through Thursday evenings and the workout routine changes each night to work different muscle groups. Great combination of fitness and self defense techniques in a fun, friendly environment. If you are willing to show up and put in the work, James will help you achieve your fitness goals!! Highly recommend James and Strong Tiger Kempo.

Todd R Adsit U.

Sensei James has done a great job with my kid. My child is stronger and is learning great defensive techniques. At the dojo, life skills such as discipline, patience and respecting others is clearly emphasized as well.

Darcy S.

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